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Promo items in school

The children of Feering Church of England School had a conference with a difference, when the team popped in to offer the school some free promotional products. With the school marathon coming up on 13th October 2019, the team thought the promo items may be just what the children are in need.
Jamie took great delight in getting the children engaged and excited about being active and taking part in their School Marathon, because he is a keen runner himself. However, as an added surprise in addition to the water bottles, pens and rugby balls he donated, he also ensured a donation of £1 per student for their first lap of the school field.

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In summary, it was a huge success and the goodies went down a treat with the children. We're a company for promotional giveaways, and we are really proud of it, and we like to support schools in the locality whenever we can. When we heard they had a School Marathon coming up, we'd love to show our support. We're all very aware these days of how important it is to keep active - particularly for children - so hopefully a few good promotional products and some sponsorship will encourage the children to all do their best all the time.

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